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‘Fanta’ Want it? Win it! On-pack promotion

Full Terms & Conditions
  1. This promotion is open to residents of Great Britain, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands only, excluding employees and their immediate families of Coca-Cola Great Britain, Coca-Cola Enterprises Limited, Limited, their agencies, or anyone else professionally connected with the promotion.
  2. Entrants must be 12 years or over. Under 16s require parental permission.
  3. This promotion is available on special promotional packs of 500ml and 330ml ‘Fanta’ Orange, ‘Fanta’ Orange Zero, ‘Fanta’ Fruit Twist, ‘Fanta’ Lemon Icy and 375ml ‘Fanta’ Still, while stocks last. Nine digit codes are printed on the ring pull of cans and on the reverse of bottle labels on promotional packs.
  4. Prizes will be won via independent and random prize draws. Entries will go into the draw for the time they are received. The draws are open from 10am to 10pm each day from 07/04/08 until 29/06/08 inclusive. Draws will commence at 10:15:00 and conclude at 22:00:00 (with 48 draws per day).For example, any entry received between 10:00:00 and 10:14:59 inclusive will be included in the 10:15:00 draw. No entry will be included in any other 15 minute draw except for the following:

    • All entries received before 10:00am on 07/04/08 will be entered into the first 15 minute draw on 07/04/08.
    • Any entry received after 22:00:00, from 07/04/08 until 28/06/08 will be included in the 10:15:00 draw the following day.
    • All entries received up to midnight on 30/09/08 (inclusive), will be entered into an additional ‘extra’ draw.
  5. There is a separate randomly allocated prize to be won every 15 minutes (one prize per draw), including 1 of 84 x Microsoft Xbox Elite, 1 of 84 x Sony PS3 40GB, 1 of 168 x Samsung Digimax NV20, 1 of 168 x Sony Ericsson W580i, 1 of 168 x 8GB iPod Touch, 1 of 336 x gadgets (worth up to £50), 1 of 336 x computer games, 1 of 336 x gadgets (worth up to £20), 1 of 504 x DVDs, 1 of 672 x gadgets (worth up to £10), 1 of 504 x CDs and 1 of 672 x gadgets (worth up to £5).
  6. There is also one prize to be won in the additional ‘extra’ draw (see clause 4c) which includes a Sony PS3 40GB, a Samsung Digimax NV20, a Sony Ericsson W580i and a 8GB iPod Touch
  7. To enter by text, simply text in the nine digit unique code found under the ring pull of cans or on the reverse of the bottle labels of promotional packs to 88200. Standard network rates apply – typically 10 to 12p. Texts may not be included in any bundle of free texts, text package and/or talk plan – please check with your network operator. Please ask the permission of the bill payer before sending a text message. See also clauses 9, 13, 17, 18 and 24).
  8. To enter through the website, visit, complete the entry form and type in your unique pack code. For online entry, you will be required to enter your phone number (or alternative contact number), name, age, gender and e-mail address ted as valid entries into the promotion. See also clause 13.
  9. Entering via text message is not available in the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Users in these locations can only enter at
  10. Winners will be notified by SMS message (to the mobile number used for entry) or email (to the email address used for entry) within 72 hours of each draw. Winners will be asked to claim their prize via All prizes must be claimed by 00:00:00 on 01/01/09. Instructions will be included in the SMS or email.  Winners under 16 years will require a parent or guardian to claim on their behalf. In addition, you must be eighteen years old to use If you are under 18 years, you may only use the site in conjunction with, and under the supervision of, a parent or guardian.
  11. All winners will require internet access and a valid e-mail address to claim their prize.
  12. All winners will also require a debit/credit card to claim their prize. This is required to create an account on No charge will be made against this card in the process of claiming of your prize.
  13. For all draws, the winner will be the owner of the mobile phone that the text entry has been sent from or the email address stated as part of online entry. No other individual is eligible to claim the prize.
  14. Only valid codes will be accepted. All codes are subject to verification. Other manufacturer’s references or printing errors do not constitute codes. Each valid code can only be entered once.
  15. All valid entrants will be given a free ‘Fanta’ game for their mobile after their first entry only. The mobile game is only available to those entrants with a valid mobile number.
    • Shortly after your first valid entry into the promotion you will receive a WAP push message on your mobile phone. If you are entering online, you will need to ensure you enter your mobile number in order to receive the ‘Fanta’ mobile game. Once you have received your WAP push message you need to connect to the link within this message in order to download the game.
    • You will need to make sure you have WAP settings installed correctly on your mobile. Please contact your network operator if you need more information. If your mobile phone does not support WAP settings, you will not be able to receive the ‘Fanta’ mobile game.>
    • The ‘Fanta’ mobile game is provided to you for free by The Promoter after your first valid entry into the Promotion. However, when you connect to the WAP-push link, you will require a GPRS connection, therefore your standard network rates for the GPRS connection and download will apply. If you are unsure of your GPRS and download rates, please check with your network operator. Please also seek permission from whoever pays the mobile phone bill before downloading the ‘Fanta’ mobile game.
    • The ‘Fanta’ mobile game is only available on certain handsets as follows:


      Compatible Handsets


      u8120, 8130, 8138, 8180, U300, U8290, U8330, U8360, U8380, U8500, U880, 8110

      kg800, lg chocolate


      V525, V500, V545, V550, E398, V300, V400, V600, V80, V535, E550, V547, V635, A845, 551, V620, V525M, V3, E398B, V360v, V3v, V560, L7, U6, E6, V505, V535, V547, V551, V620

      e770, a385, c975, v980, v975, v980m, c980


      3230, 3250, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 7610, N70, N91, 6680, 6681, 6682, N91

      6230, 3220, 5140i, 2610, 6020, 6021, 6030, 6230, 6085, 6822, 7260

      5100, 7250i, 7210,  3100, 3105, 3108, 3120, 3125, 3200, 3205, 3300, 6100, 6108, 6200, 6220, 6220, 6225, 6560, 6585, 6610, 6610i, 6800, 6810, 6820, 7200, 7250, 7250i, 7260,2355, 2650, 5140

      6230i, 8800, 8801, 5200

      6280, 6265, 6233, 5300, 6131, 6165, 6234, 6265, 6265i, 6270, 6275, 6275i, 6282, 6288, 6300, 7370, 7373, 7390

      n73, n95, e50, n71, n72, n92


      myc52, MyV-55, MyC5-3 ,myz5, myv56, myv65, myv75, my 400v, my 401c, my401x, myx5-2


      z500, Z140 Z300 ZM60 ZV10 ZV30 ZX10

       E530, E770, X700, D508, D307, D357, D500, D520, D520, D537, E380, E500, E530, E620, E720, E730, E750, E760, E770, E780, E860, E860v, E870, E880, P207, P777, X800, E390

      D600, D800, D820, D830, D840, T809, Z510, D840, E900, D900, U600, G600

      E250, E350, E530, E600, E710, X450, X660 E300, E310, E370, E630, E810, X460, X480, X640, e330, E630, x540, J600

      E700, E100, E108, E330, E338, E630, E638, E708, E800, E808, E820, X460, X468, X670


      GX10, GX12, GX20, GX21, GX22, GXi98, GX17, GX10m, GX10i

      gx15, gx25, gx17



      c65, CT65, CV65, C66, CT66, CV66, SL65, C70, CF62


      Sony Ericsson

      f300i, j300i, k300, k300i, j300

      K310, K500, K510, K510i, Z530, Z530i, F500i, K508, Z520i, W200, Z310,K508, Z520i, W200, Z310, Z500i, k508i, k500i, k310i, W300, W300i

      K700, D750x, K600i, K600x, K608x, K608i, K608, K610im, K620i, K700x, K750x, K750, K758x, V600i, V610x, V620x, V802SE, W550x, W600,  W600x, W700, W710, W750x, W800x, Z520i, W810x, Z610i, Z710i, Z800i, Z800x, Z1010, Z1010 (JP2) K610i, V600x, V630x  K750i, V800, K700i, W550i, w800, D750i, V800i, W800i, W810i, K550

      S700, S700x, S710, S710i, S710x, W850i, K800, K800i, K810i, W900, W950x, K790, K790i, W880i , W580, W910i

    • Further instructions regarding the ‘Fanta’ mobile game can be found in the FAQ’s section of

  16. All valid entrants will be given a money off voucher to spend at (offering a £5 discount on a minimum spend of £50) after their second entry only. This voucher will be in the form of a unique promotional voucher code and will be received either by text or email (based on how you enter). The code can be entered at
    • Unique Promotional Voucher Codes are subject to availability.
    • The Promoter and/or Limited accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged Unique Promotional Voucher Codes.
    • A maximum of one Unique Promotional Voucher Code can be redeemed per person.
    • The Unique Promotional Voucher Code entitles the consumer to a £5 discount from a minimum spend of £50.
    • The Unique Promotional Voucher Code is not valid against any other product at
    • To redeem your Unique Promotional Voucher Code you must be registered with and have a account.
    • To redeem your Unique Promotional Voucher Code simply visit, choose your preferred item/s and click ‘Buy’. Once you are happy with your shopping basket, proceed to ‘Checkout’. During the ‘Checkout’ process, when on the ‘Pay & Confirm’ screen click the ‘I have a promotional or discount voucher code’ button and enter your code when prompted.
    • The value of Unique Promotional Voucher Codes redeemed against orders that are later cancelled will not be refunded.
    • If the full value of the Unique Promotional Voucher Code is not redeemed no credit will be given.
    • All Unique Promotional Voucher Codes are single use only and will expire upon use.
    • Unique Promotional Voucher Codes can not be used in conjunction with each other or with any other promotional offer.
    • Unique Promotional Voucher Codes are not valid for redemption against PlayTrade transactions.
    • Acceptance of your Unique Promotional Voucher Code is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.
    • All Unique Promotional Voucher Codes must be redeemed by 00:00:00 on 01/01/09.
    • Limited reserves the right to refuse any Unique Promotional Voucher Code application or Unique Promotional Voucher Code redemption if there is any suspicion of fraud or malredemption. The Limited standard Privacy Policy and general Terms & Conditions apply. See website for details.

  17. Sending a text message or entering details online is not proof of receipt of entry. If entering by text an SMS confirmation will be sent to you upon receipt of your entry. You will not be charged for receiving this confirmation SMS. You should receive this confirmation text within 5 minutes, but from time to time, this may take longer due to operator traffic which is beyond The Promoter’s control. If entering online you will receive confirmation of entry on screen. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any messages that are lost or delayed, or which are unable to be sent due to lack of network coverage, operator or network error, or for any other reason beyond its control.
  18. All text entrants will receive an SMS message following their first valid entry asking if they would like to hear about this and future promotions from The Coca-Cola Company and Limited. Only by following the opt-in instructions will participants be added to The Coca-Cola Company and Limited mobile mailing list. If you opt-in via this method and would like to opt-out in the future, simply send a text message with the words "FANTA STOP" and no other text to 83463 (free).
  19. All prizes will be delivered by Limited within 28 days of being claimed on-line at
  20. All prizes will be delivered by Limited within 28 days of being claimed on-line at No cash or other alternative prizes are available, except that in the event of circumstances outside of its control, The Promoter reserves the right to award similar prizes of equal or greater value.
  21. A list of the winners’ names and counties will be made available on after 30/09/08.
  22. Draws will be monitored by an independent party and The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into
  23. The Promoter reserves the right to redraw a prize if any of the prize winners cannot be contacted within a reasonable period of time (to be established at The Promoter’s sole discretion).
  24. In the event of a mobile phone being lost, stolen or damaged The Promoter is not able to retrieve or transfer any existing entries to a new mobile number.
  25. If prize items do not arrive in a satisfactory condition, participants have up to 28 days to contact Limited on 0845 800 1020 (quoting ‘Fanta’ Promotion) to request a replacement. In the absence of such notification the participant will be deemed to have accepted all items. Items correctly supplied in accordance with the claim cannot be exchanged unless found on first use to be defective.’s standard return policy applies. See for more details. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  26. Regretfully The Promoter cannot be held liable for system failures at the handling house, on websites or for SMS entry or on telephone hotlines. Neither can The Promoter be held responsible for the failure to fulfil the obligations of any of the third parties involved in this promotion, although The Promoter will always endeavour to minimise the effect to the participant of any such failure.
  27. If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms and Conditions, or in the spirit of the promotion, The Promoter may, at its sole discretion refuse to process a claim. The Promoter will be the final arbiter in any decisions and these will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
  28. The website may contain links to sites owned or operated by parties other than The Promoter. Such links are provided for your convenience only. The Promoter does not control and is not responsible for the content, privacy policies or the security of such sites.
  29. For any further information or to request a hard copy of these Terms and Conditions please contact the Consumer Help Line on 0800 227711.
  30. Instructions on promotional packs and on websites from part of the Terms and Conditions. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions will result in a forfeit of the prize.
  31. Promoter: Coca-Cola Great Britain, 1 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9HQ.
    Entries should not be sent to this address.